10 Micro Niche Blog Topic in 2019 What Is a Micro Niche Blog?
10 Micro Niche Blog Topic in 2019 What Is a Micro Niche Blog
10 Micro Niche Blog Topic in 2019 What Is a Micro Niche Blog

Niche blogs are blogs that have a narrow focus. Some “niche down” even further into what’s known as a micro-niche blog.

For example, you are reading this article, not for general blog but for Micro niche blog and maybe you can come up with your own micro niche blog topic by the end of this article.

How to find a Micro Niche Blog Topic

Where should you start - Always, find a topic that you’re passionate about, or have great knowledge in it or if you find yourself in a great position about a topic, there has to be something which you truly love.

Content Organization - Your blog post content should be organized well and should have proper placements of primary keywords, Seed keywords, Synonyms, and meaningful long tail terms.

Niche - When we say micro niche you have to understand that we’re talking about 1 topic – 1 website method and if you’re thinking about monetization you might have to go for multiple websites/ blogs for multiple micro niches.

Best Micro Niche Topic for 2020

1.Coupon Website - You can make one coupon code website. Here you target Long tail keyword and your article is easily Rank. Today every person find Discount and Coupon Code. So, If you provide quality content then this is Best Micro Niche Topic.

2.Gift Idea - Today many types of Gift available in the market. If I want to buy a gift for someone then I have many options and I confused about the selection. So, If you solve this problem than Your blog is Easily Rank in 2019.

3.Decoration Idea - Every month many festivals are coming and people want to decoration according to this festival or event. So, If you provide solutions to this particular problem than people like your blog.

4.Ayurveda Tips - Ayurveda is a big topic and you write on this topic 1000+  article. But today in this topic Competition is very low. So, this is also the best topic in 2019.

5.Local Blogging - This best topic in 2019. If you belong to the village at that time you write about your village or nearest City in your blog. In this Topic competition is almost Zero.

6.Application Review - This topic is always considered as a micro niche and this is also a long term blog. Here you can write about a particular one application review in details. Ex. - Xander, Candy Crush, etc. 

7.Games Tricks - Here you provide Trending Games Tricks and some important Hacks about Game. Ex. PUBG Trick 

8.Parenting - Here you write about tips about Parenting. Big Search volume from USA and UK. So this is profitable Micro Niche. 

9.Book Summary - Mostly person want to read the book but they did not read the full book. So, they find Book Summary. So according to Google book summary search increases day by day and if you write on this topic than your blog is making a big profit. 

10.Personal development - Every person want to become perfect. So, they find information about Personal Development. I think this is the best micro niche blog in 2019.

These all are Micro Niche Blog topic. If you start with Longtail Keyword then you are easily Rank in 1 month.