5 Tools Need Every Blogger.
5 Tools Need Every Blogger
5 Tools Need Every Blogger

Newbie bloggers face many challenges in processing their blogging journey. Some of them do not even suspect how much effort blogging involves. You can say blogging is not that easy, however, it sounds and requires a versatile skill.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Even the most interesting articles can’t reach the target audience if you neglect the SEO aspect. The search engines work in accordance with the particular algorithms, which determine what search results are visible online.

Use Google Keyword Planner if you want to improve the Google rank of your blog with respect to keywords.

2. Google Analytics

Learn more about your visitors using data obtained from Google Analytics. It helps you to optimize your blog and increase revenue.

Its advanced tools will show you what brings the result and what should be improved to reach the goal. You can get a comprehensive picture of your business and increase the conversion rate.

Knowing about on-site behavior of your visitors, it is much easier to enhance the performance of e-commerce blogs.

3. Copyscape

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. It can be very unpleasant to see your blog posts on some other sites after they were republished there without your permission. Protect your content with Copysentry tool – one of Copyscape services – that scans the web on a daily basis to find the copies of your content. After it finds any, it sends an email directly to you.

4. Grammarly

It is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to avoid errors in their blog posts. Grammarly scans the text looking for grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

The tool can be embedded in different software products, for instance, Microsoft Word. This is an effective proofreading tool that improves your writing skills.

5. The Readability Test Tool

The tool helps to improve the readability of written content on your blog. You should know your target audience and make the blog posts digestible for them.

If the language of your articles is too complicated, you should simplify it a bit and make the texts easily readable. It is recommended not to use long sentences as the reader can lose the concept of reading the blog post.