Best Blog Niche Topic in 2020
Best Blog Niche Topic in 2020
Best Blog Niche Topic in 2020

I think here you all are Bloggers. Some of you Professional Blogger and run multiple blogs but some of you Newbies and want to be Start Blogging in 2020. So, Today I suggest to you some helpful Blog Niche Topic.

In 2020 Blogging is more competitive. Many bloggers are working on the same topic and they did not Rank on Google.

Some Common Topic 2020(Not Recommended for Newbies)

A big mistake of newbies blogger is they choice common and competitive topic. So, I recommended on my personal experience You can't choice below Common Topic in Starting.

- Blogging and Digital Marketing Tips 

- Health (You can choose any Micro niche on Helth)

- Hosting Review

- Mobile Review

- Tech News

- Traveling

I recommended Newbies are not choosing any topic from this list. Because many pro bloggers are working on this Niche and in starting time you can't beat them. So, please avoid this topic.

Best Niche for Newbies Blogger in 2020

- Home Decoration

- Government Exam Tips and Update

- Application Review

- Gym Guide

- Puzzle Solution 

- Trend Games Trick(Ex.- PUBG game Tricks)

- Offer and Promo Code

- Local Blogging

- Recipe 

In 2020 these all are low competitive niche and you can start your blog on this niche. If newbies are start blog on these niche than they rank them blog in within 3-5 Months. Our Next topic is 21 Micro Niche Blogging Topics. So, please connect with us.