Earn money from Upcoming events Blog.
Earn money from Upcoming events Blog
Earn money from Upcoming events Blog

Are you also searching for events online for networking? No/Yes/maybe? No? No problem, I am searching, and I was very disappointed that there are very few websites/blogs who are sharing information regarding upcoming events and meetups, facebook’s Local App is an example of a kind.

Here you have opportunities to let people get updated with the latest events and meetups around them.

You can also make one section for premium meetups or membership lock-ins, for example, if a person is regular and attends at least more than 5 events a month and for that, he is paying more than Rs.5000, however, you can offer him monthly subscription for just Rs.3000.

This strategy will help you acquire more clients for the long term.

That will help him to save some penny and you are also getting perks every month. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is.

For your expansion you can tie-up with certain brands for selling tickets, you may earn commissions on every single ticket sold through your reference.