Hajj 2020: Religious Ministry declares balloting 
Hajj 2020: Religious Ministry announces balloting
Hajj 2020: Religious Ministry declares balloting

Hajj 2020: Religious Ministry declares balloting

Severe Ministry is a great idea to go to play out the balloting of pioneers for Hajj 2020 under the organization plot, today.

Radio Pakistan point by point Religious Ministry all set to perform balloting of pioneers for Hajj 2020 under government plot, today.

that the balloting to pick in excess of 107,526 importance explorers for Hajj under the organization plan will be held in Islamabad today.

Priest for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sahibzada Noor-ul-Haq Qadri will play out the balloting.

A total of 1,49,330 applications got under the Government Hajj Scheme.

According to the Hajj Policy 2020, from the outset 179,210 Pakistanis to play out the blessed severe duty,

This fuses 107,526 under the Government Hajj Scheme and 71,684 through Hajj Group Organizers.

Around 10,000 seats under the organization plot held for senior inhabitants.

Vain up-and-comers in balloting interminably all through the past three years will thusly be declared compelling.

The delayed consequences of balloting will moved on the exacting endeavors administration site.

The organization Hajj pack (per individual) is Rs 463,445 for the north zone and Rs 486,270 for the south district without Qurbani (atonement)

At any rate Rs 486,270 and Rs 478,520 for north and south areas independently with Qurbani.

Full scale 179,210 Pakistanis will perform hajj this year including 107,526 under government plot and 71,684 under private arrangement.

As much as 500 seats has been held for obliging low paid agents of open territory/corporate affiliations, associations selected with Employees Old-Age Benefit Institution (EOBI)/Workers Welfare Fund. Additionally, 10,000 seats held for senior occupants of over 70 years age including their Mehram and accomplice.