YouTube General 8 Best topics start youtube Channel

YouTube General 8 Best topics start youtube Channel
YouTube General 8 Best topics start youtube Channel
However, there is remarkable growth. If this is no longer part of your online marketing strategy, it should. But what type of YouTube video should you make? The key is to find where, what your brand is, and what your audience is interested in overlapping.


Creating relevant content is the first step. However, optimization on YouTube will make this content relevant to your brand.

General video topics

Not sure what type of content is right for your audience? Here are some common video themes used by companies and brands:

1.Instructions - Show your viewers how to do the job or how to use their product.

2.Customer reviews - interview satisfied customers or share recommendations used by users on your YouTube channel.

3.Behind the scenes - Take your viewers around your office or workplace or introduce them to your employees or colleagues.

4.Tips and Tricks - Share helpful insights that help your potential customers.

5.Live presentation - speak at a conference or trade show? Record and share with your YouTube viewers.

6.Product launches - Share new product launches with your YouTube viewer.

7.Statistics - To establish yourself as an expert in your field, you can share industry-related statistics, data and surveys with simple videos such as slides.

8.Frequently asked questions - Make a list of frequently asked questions and answer via video.

Optimize your video.

Then you need to optimize your videos for on-site search and Google. By using the right keywords in the title, tags, and description, users can find your video for related searches.


Google recommends that you use the first and second brand keywords. Use seasons and episodes as needed. Tags are your keywords. Put the most important thing first. Enter a call to action in your description and activate subtitles (loaded with this keyword).

When viewers scroll through search results, thumbnails can have the greatest impact on clicks. Make sure you use attractive, colorful and high contrast images that work well in small and large formats. The optimal size for your thumbnail is 1280 x 720 pixels.