Myka Stauffer's legal counselors guarantee the 'rehoming' choice was made to give best treatment
Myka Stauffer's legal counselors guarantee the 'rehoming' choice was made to give best treatment 

YouTube star Myka Stauffer as of late gave an announcement through her legal counselor, asserting the choice to 'rehome' her embraced child Huxley was a troublesome one.

The Stauffer's embraced Huxley in China back in October of 2017. The kid they embraced at the time had been determined to have chemical imbalance. In any case, later testing and reports uncovered that he had more uncommon needs than at first envisioned. Her legal counselor guarantees that the choice was made in an endeavor "to give Huxley the most ideal treatment and care."

Their legal advisors, Thomas Taneff and Taylor Sayers sat for a meeting with PEOPLE during which they expressed, "We are conscious of this case and given the current realities, we feel this was the best choice for Huxley."

"In coming to know our customers we realize they are a caring family and are extremely mindful guardians that would do anything for their kids."

"Since his reception, they talked with various experts in the medicinal services and instructive fields so as to furnish Huxley with the most ideal treatment and care."

They later proceeded to state, "After some time, the group of clinical experts prompted our customers it may be best for Huxley to be set with another family."

"This is destroying news for any parent. Our customers went to the troublesome assurance to follow the guidance of the clinical experts. To be clear this did exclude any contemplations for situation in the cultivate framework, but instead to hand-select a family who is prepared to deal with Huxley's needs. They had to settle on a troublesome choice, however it is indeed, the privilege and cherishing activity for this kid."

"We have prompted our customers not to state anything further as of now, however it is likely they will share more when the time is proper for them and all included."

The announcement closed by saying, "We ought to be certain that Huxley is a 4-year-old kid whose security ought to be completely regarded. We realize our customers would request your supplications and support and to regard their security with what has been the most troublesome choice of their lives."