PIA moves to address worldwide worries on 'questionable licenses'
PIA moves to address worldwide worries on 'questionable licenses' 
KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has composed letters to remote missions and other global flying bodies informing them of the means taken by the national banner transporter after reports developed that more than 140 pilots were having 'questionable' licenses.

As per the letter, PIA Chief Executive Officer Air Marshal Arshad Malik has guaranteed the aircraft would stay consistent with all universal flying security and administrative gauges.

"It is additionally guaranteed that pilots flying PIA flights have authentic licenses supported by the Government of Pakistan and are in physical ownership of the equivalent during all residential and universal flights," it said.

The letters were given after the carrier declared that it has grounded 141 pilots who were found to have utilized unreasonable methods in acquiring their expert licenses.

PIA representative Abdullah Khan said the aeronautics service had given a rundown distinguishing 262 pilots with counterfeit/dubious licenses, which additionally included 10 pilots related with Serene Air and nine with Air Blue.

The aircraft said that the 141 pilots grounded by PIA incorporate 17 who were recognized for their questionable accreditations by the national bearer itself around 18 months back.

Senior office-bearers of Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (PALPA), including its representative Captain Qasim Qadir, were supposed to be among them, alongside Captain Yahya Sandhila, answerable for the Panjgur episode which had set off an investigation into the issue.

The representative further said there were anterooms bowed after upsetting the PIA's Europe and North America activities.

'262 pilots with questionable accreditations to be grounded'

Aeronautics serve Ghulam Sarwar on Friday had reported that the qualifications of 262 pilots were "questionable" and in this manner they will be banned from flying.

The pilots in the line of fire incorporate 141 from PIA, nine from Air Blue and 10 from Serene Airline, said the priest.

The remainder of the 262 have a place with flying clubs or contracted plane administrations, he said. He said all the aircrafts and the clubs had been passed on that: "Their qualifications are questionable, and they shouldn't be permitted to fly."

Khan said that a sum of 753 pilots are serving in Pakistani carriers, while 107 are serving in outside aircrafts carrying the number to 860.

Among the pilots, 121 pilots are associated with faking one test outcome — another person gave their test. Forty-nine are associated with faking two, 21 of faking three, 15 of faking four, 11 of faking five, 11 of faking six, 10 of faking seven, and 34 of faking eight papers, carrying their number to 262.

"The arrangements of the speculated pilots have been sent to significant specialists, including a letter and a rundown of 141 pilots to PIA's CEO, training him to banish these men from further flying," said the clergyman.

He proceeded to state that nine out of 28 pilots have "admitted" during a test, and their licenses will be dropped after endorsement from the bureaucratic bureau as the giving authority is CAA, yet the government is the expert on dropping licenses.

'Practically 40% PIA pilots have counterfeit licenses'

Khan while introducing the fundamental report of the plane accident in the National Assembly on Thursday had said the episode wherein 97 individuals lost their lives had happened on the grounds that the pilots were not engaged and their absence of focus caused the accident.

The report held the pilots and the air traffic controller (ATC) liable for the occurrence, expressing that the cockpit team didn't appear to be centered around the activity and were pondering the coronavirus.

Khan had uncovered that it was seen that the pilot accepted the call from the ATC "speedily" and told the pinnacle that he would "oversee", in the wake of being educated that the airplane was at a risky tallness. He included that recorder indicated that significantly in the wake of accepting the call, the pilots returned to their discussions about coronavirus.

Talking about the pilots, the avionics serve had stated, "Pakistan has 860 dynamic pilots, which incorporates PIA, Serene Air, Air Blue. The request which was started in February 2019 demonstrated that 262 pilots didn't give the test themselves and asked another person to give it for their benefit," the clergyman stated, including that the pilots didn't have the correct flying experience either.

He had included that the degrees of four PIA pilots had been seen as phony.