Yousaf Raza Gillani sends Cynthia Ritchie Rs100 million slander notice
Yousaf Raza Gillani sends Cynthia Ritchie Rs100 million slander notice 
Previous PM Yousaf Raza Gillani has sent a slander notice to Pakistan-based American blogger Cynthia Ritchie, who has blamed him for "mistreating" her while he was "remaining at the President's House".

The notification, sent through his legal advisor on Wednesday, says she will be at risk to pay Rs100 million for her disparaging charges.

Ritchie had made the hazardous cases on June 5, in a video communicate live on Facebook.

She had then likewise blamed previous inside pastor Rehman Malik for assaulting her and of the then wellbeing clergyman Makhdoom Shahabuddin of additionally "abusing" her, saying that the occurrences happened in 2011 when the PPP was in power.

Besides, she has asserted she, just as her sisters, have been bugged online by different PPP individuals and supporters.

Gillani reacts 

Reacting to the claims against him, previous chief Gillani asked: "Can a leader ever submit such a demonstration at the Aiwan-e-Sadr?"

"What was the woman leveling such allegations doing at the Aiwan-e-Sadr?" he kept, including: "Who gave her the option to blame lawmakers like this?"

He said reacting to such proclamations would be "disreputable".

Gillani said that he may have gone to the Aiwan-e-Sadr to meet the president or an assignment.

The previous leader said that Ritchie "ought to be embarrassed about herself for expressing such things".

He noticed that Ritchie had as of late leveled a few allegations at previous Pakistani head administrator and late gathering pioneer Benazir Bhutto and "nobody can endure such allegations".

"I am not stressed over information exchanged about me. I am increasingly worried about the ridiculous allegations leveled at Shaheed Benazir."

"Ali Haider Gillani and Ali Qasim have moved toward the court in such manner," he said.

Afterward, in a discussion with Geo News, the previous chief said that he had met Ritchie some time back at an ambassador's home and had met her in this way on different events in huge social affairs.

"I am not mindful of her experience. She reached my child Ali Qadir Gillani some time back. She told my child his dad is a fair man and he ought to ask after me for her benefit."

Online altercation turns dull 

The quarrel appeared to have started with Ritchie's "hostile" comments on Twitter against late PPP pioneer Benazir Bhutto, however what the blogger guarantees likely originate from "earth" she hosts on the gathering.

PPP has recorded a protest with the FIA for Ritchie's tweet and claims Ritchie's allegations against party pioneers are in light of that.

Ritchie, in a Geo News meet with "Naya Pakistan" have Shahzad Iqbal guaranteed a PPP chief gave her data on Benazir Bhutto dependent on which she had posted the tweet.

She said that she would demonstrate her charges against senior PPP pioneers in court and would introduce whatever proof she needed to experts in Pakistan.

Ritchie said that she was "going no place" and was prepared to confront the outcomes if her charges were refuted.

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