YouTube star Shane Dawson opens up despite reemerged past embarrassments
YouTube star Shane Dawson opens up despite reemerged past embarrassments 
Acclaimed YouTuber Shane Dawson as of late experienced harsh criticism after past embarrassments against him reemerged on the web.

While trying to explain his position, he put out a protracted YouTube video, guaranteeing that he is not, at this point a similar individual as he was before and as punishment he is happy to lose 'everything' so as to take responsibility for past activities and articulations.

He asserted, "In light of the fact that indeed, I was sorry for a great deal of them yet I'm 31, very nearly 32. Those statements of regret suck. I don't have the foggiest idea who that individual is anymore.[sic]"

This shouldn't imply that that the YouTuber has not given statements of regret in regards to the equivalent already. Be that as it may, he guarantees that it is as of late that he saw exactly how ineffectively the episodes were dealt with before.

"I have done a great deal of things in my past that I despise, that I wish I could make disappear, that I attempted to make disappear by erasing recordings, or un-labeling my Instagram, truly doing whatever I can to imagine those things didn't happen.[sic]"

"This video is originating from a position of simply needing to take ownership of my [expletive], needing to take ownership of all that I've done on the web that has harmed individuals, that has added to the issue, that has not been taken care of well. I ought to have been rebuffed for things"

"Blackface was something that I did a ton. There's no reason for it. I didn't accomplish the work. I didn't investigate its historical backdrop and why it's so off-base, and why individuals were so disturbed. I can't envision what it resembles to be Black, and see this white [expletive] fellow do blackface, and the entire web around then resembling, 'LOL!' That's crazy and I am so sorry.[sic]."

Before closing down in any case, he guaranteed that as requital, "I ought to lose everything for that."