US invites WHO investigation into COVID-19 starting points in China
US invites WHO investigation into COVID-19 starting points in China 
The US has invited a test by World Health Organization into the sources of the novel coronavirus in China, its minister to the UN said Friday.

"We invite the WHO's examination. We see the logical examination as a fundamental advance to having a total and straightforward comprehension of how this infection has spread all through the world," represetative Andrew Bremberg told journalists.

It was a startling support, given that the WHO has confronted wild US analysis over its treatment of the coronavirus emergency.

Prior Friday, a disease transmission specialist and a creature wellbeing master from the WHO left for China to attempt to distinguish the creature wellspring of the new coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO said the development group would be in Beijing for the end of the week as they lay the basis for a more extensive crucial at distinguishing how the infection bounced from creature to people.

Bremberg said the US expected the Chinese specialists "will offer the group of researchers full access to information, tests and territories, and anticipate its ideal report".

US President Donald Trump has blamed the WHO for messing up its treatment of the pandemic and of being a "manikin of China".

On Tuesday the United States officially began its withdrawal from the WHO, following through on Trump's dangers to deny the UN body of its top benefactor over its administration of the pandemic.

The WHO propelled a free board Thursday to survey its reaction to the pandemic.

The tale coronavirus has murdered in any event 556,000 individuals and contaminated more than 12.4 million since it rose in China last December.

Researchers accept the executioner infection began from a market in the city of Wuhan selling colorful creatures for meat.